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13 inch middle-sized mecanum wheel with pu rollers (Payload:1.2 ton/pcs) MW330

13 inch middle-sized mecanum wheel with pu rollers (Payload:1.2 ton/pcs) MW330

Product Overview:
Mecanum wheel, Sometimes we also could called it Ilon wheel.Because it was designed by Swedish inventor, Bengt Ilon, who came up with the idea in 1973 when he was an engineer with the Swedish company Mecanum AB.It is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers typically each have an axis of rotation at 45 degree to the plane of the wheel and at 45° to a line through the centre of the roller parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel.

By alternating wheels with left and right-handed rollers,Moving the four wheels in the specific direction.Heavy duty Mecanum wheelsallow a robot or mobile platform to achieve omni-directional movement while supporting large weights.MW series mecanum wheel have large load capacity,while maintaining high accuracy.This kinds of mecanum wheel adopt Numerical Control Processing Technology,maximizing the mechanical properties of materials.All the MW series mecanum wheel use rolling bearings, imported polyurethane materials on the driven wheel surface with excellent performance in stability,quietness,durability and omni direction.Typical applications include Material handling, table lift, and Heavy dusty vehicle etc.Especially in warehousing and logistics,could improve efficiency and promote the development of the industry.Mecanum wheel would have a huge technological revolution.

Size: 13 inch
Limit Load:1200KG
Suggested Load:900KG
Outside diameter:330 mm
Quantity of rollers:8
Self weight:30 kg
Side part material:Aluminium Alloy or 45# steel
Wheel core material:High strength 45# steel
Center piece:Aviation aluminum 7075 or Aluminum alloy
Covering material: Importing polyurethane

Especially Flexible
■ Due to omnidirectional drive technology,the vehicle can be
moved in any direction with mecanum wheels
■ Even in extreme surface.
Especially Safe
■ Travel stability and safty, simple operation
■ Easy to control.
Especially Efficient
■ Navigate in tight spaces,would save considerable time and reduce costs
■ Optimize the storage space, keep scientific and reasonable place
Especially strong
■ Compared to the size of wheels, has more high load capacity
■ Long working life


To achieve omnidirectional movement,One Mecanum wheel is supposed to work together with other 3 Mecanum wheels.Our Factory according to customer requirements from design to production and assembly of individual choice, or press to drawings or samples of production.

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